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With almost 20 years in the industry of activated carbon facemask, we- NeoVision- are confident to offer your business with premium facemask that qualified for numerous international standard and accompany with you to success.

NeoVision Jsc. is one of the leaders in manufacturing facemask in Vietnam. It must also be mentioned that we are qualified for the standards included but not limited to: ISO 9001:2015, ISO13485:2016, FDA and CE.

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To become one of the world leaders in the face mask and fashion accessory industry.


Create product that meet international standard to protect customer health while also create fashion trends.


Our value

Nearly 20 years of experience in this industry.
Young and enthusiastic team.
Experienced and charismatic leadership

Production Capacity

NeoVision has been exporting millions of facemask each year to different countries such as the USA, Canada, UK, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand, India, Middle East, Australia, and Singapore …

The products are qualified for reputable international certifications whilst make them able to circulate in the most rigorous markets around the world.

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Special Features

3 fascinating reasons that you should choose the brand NeoVision:

1. Cutting-edge technology.

2. Glamorous design.

3. International popularity.

International Standard Filter

The mask filter is qualified for N95 standard of which has the ability to filter out 95% of ultra fine dust, for BFE99 standard which guarantee to prevent 99% of bacteria, and finally for PFE99 standards certificated by Nelson lab which ensure that the mask can filter out 99% of 0.1 micron particle floating in the air.

Perfect Face Fitting Design

The product is designed to stricly embrace the edges of the face so that the air can only flow through the filter without getting through any gaps. As some part of the mask can be flexibly adjusted, the products can fit on to a lot of different face size and thus making the wearer feel really comfortable while using continuously through many hours.

Ease Of Breathing With One-way Valve System

The one-way ventilation valve system of the facemasks help user breath easily despite the product being extremely close to the face.
This was due to the face that the air will be circulated out through the valves when we exhale which help reduce moisture inside the mask. In similar vein, the valve is close when we inhale and thus the outside cannot enter the respiratory system without passing through the filter.

NeoVision Production Plant

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