The outer layer is made of knitted fabric to ensure great ventilation, sweat absorption, and does not cause irritation to the user’s skin.

The filter included 5 layers:

Layer 1: High quality black non-woven fabric.

Layer 2: Activated Carbon layer with the ability to filter gas and reduce odors of pollutants, chemicals such as Hydrocarbons (including Benzenem Piren Butadience 1-3), Carbon Oxide (CO), Hydrogen Sulfide (SO2), Nitrogen Oxide (NO2), photochemical smoke, black smoke, aldehydes, lead oxide, pollen …

Layer 3: The 1st electrostatic non-woven fiber layer which qualified N95 standard with the ability to filter up to 95% of particles in the air (0.3 μm).

Layer 4: The 2nd electrostatic non-woven fiber layer which qualified PFE99 standard with the ability to filter up to 99% of fine dust and bacteria (0.1 μm).

Layer 5: Ultra-smooth and skin-friendly fabric.

One-way exhalation valve: enhance t the air circulation process thus making it easier to breath while also reduce inside moisture.

The ear strap expands and narrows easily, ensuring a snug fit in for any face.

3D nose pad made from rubber and an adjustable nose clip which can be adjusted to be fit on the bridge of the nose and thus help the mask minimizes air leakage through the corners.


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Material: Technical fabric and filters.

Attribute: Anti fine dust- anti bacteria- anti pollution



The mask can be clean normally, please note to remove the filter prior.

Preserve in dry, cool place and avoid dust.

The product filter is replaceable.

A filter can be used up to 1- 3 months (depending on the degree of contamination).

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